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By Mike Austreng, Editor

By Mike Austreng, Editor

As we all get a little older the old saying, “There’s two things for sure, death and taxes.” starts becoming a reality – especially the death part.

A good percentage of our readers (we know a good percentage are over 60 because of the discount we offer) are living with the pain of losing someone you love or friends.

At some point we will all receive the phone call, or make the phone call, or be the reason for the phone call that lets others know that someone has passed away.

Since our better half has 13 siblings who are all getting close to or over the 60 year mark (some are over 70) the odds are that call will come from that side of the people we care most about, and it did, a little over a week ago when one of her brothers in Colorado lost his wife at what we consider a “young” age of only 69.

For that reason we are scrambling to get our work far enough along that we can comfortably leave the completion of this week’s issue in the capable hands of the other people in our office we are lucky enough to work with – there are still things we feel we need to take care of (even though we’re sure others here could) so scramble we will until we reach a level we know we can walk out of work with some comfort.

This column is written most weeks on Friday morning and getting it done before noon on Wednesday feels a little odd, but we’re leaving for Colorado at 2:00 p.m. with a brother-in-law passenger (the better half flew out earlier). Plans would be to get south about six or seven hours (about half way) on Wednesday so we can arrive in Arvada, Colorado on Thursday afternoon, in time for the Friday funeral.

We know there will be more and more funerals in our future. There’s really no way around it other than being the one people are saying good bye to and when you lose someone it makes you think more and more how precious life is – only God knows when it’s your time, so we all need to appreciate the time we have and live life to the fullest.

We’ll be back in the office by the time you read this column – that’s the plan anyway.


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Once the weather finally warmed up we knew we’d be in for some crazy weather “events” since heat and humidity brew storms. A couple storms the past week or so were pretty strong. Cold Spring was lucky with only branches littering yards, but not too far away it was a different story. Sunday, the 11th we took a ride after the morning storms to see the damage. Eden Valley was hit pretty hard with straight line winds knocking over a lot of big trees. We heard reports of other areas where some farm buildings were damaged, or destroyed.

One of the pleasures of living in a small community is that when something like this happens people come out with equipment ready to help whoever needs it and you can bet they don’t ask for a thing in return.

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We could probably find a few more things to write about this week, but we need to cut this short and pack for our trip west.

Have A Good Week!

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